Information about the Vasectomy Reversal Procedure

Can Any Vasectomy be Reversed

Often, during a vasectomy reversal consultation, men express concern that "their" vasectomy was done in such a way that it cannot be reversed. This is typically what the doctor performing the vasectomy told them at the time of their procedure. It is routine in a vasectomy to use metal clips, permanent suture, and/or cautery in addition to removing a segment of vas from each side. After all, the goal of vasectomy it to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Indeed, no one at the time of vasectomy expects they will ever want it reversed, but virtually any vasectomy can be reversed successfully. Fortunately, any technique used for the original vasectomy can be successfully reversed by an experienced microsurgeon.

The two types of vasectomy reversal reconstructions are: vaso-vasostomy and vaso-epididymostomy. The type of reconstruction required is determined at the time of surgery. Many men are concerned that their testicle will be in a higher location in order to make up the gap of the vasectomy. It is extremely rare for there to be any change in the position of the testicle after a vasectomy reversal. The purpose of the pre-reversal consultation is to discuss all of these concerns in order to gain understanding and confidence in a vasectomy reversal center and microsurgeon.