Information about the Vasectomy Reversal Procedure

Concerns about Cell Phones and Sperm

From the early days of cell phone use there have always been concerns raised about whether or not these radio waves could have an impact on sperm counts. A recent article in Renal & Urology News by John Schieszer raises new questions and concerns. Specifically, with the popularity of hands-free Bluetooth wireless phones, many men keep their cell phone on their front belt or in their front pants pocket. Men that keep their cell phones in their pocket or on their belt may see a real drop in fertility. When cell phones are in talk mode, they create a surrounding electro-magnetic field that is known to be harmful to sperm and sperm production.

Studies from the Cleveland Clinic have shown that these high-power radio frequency electromagnetic waves do in fact increase production of high-energy oxidative particles. It is these high-energy oxidative particles that are known to damage existing sperm and hurt sensitive sperm producing cells within the testicles.

At this point there is no magic amount of high-frequency radio waves that is considered safe nor is there an amount or time of exposure that is felt to be of concern. My concerns are not only with the sperm quality and production, but also the potential for DNA damage that could be passed onto the children.

Until more studies are performed, consider all these electro-magnetic waves to be a potential concern and to be avoided if possible. If you use Bluetooth, keep your phone away from your testicles. The more distance the better.