Information about the Vasectomy Reversal Procedure

Vasectomy Reversal Myths

Common Myths When Choosing a Vasectomy Reversal Surgeon

1. The urologist that performed your vasectomy has the skills and
experience to do your reversal.
This is FALSE.

This assumption is rarely correct. Any physician is capable of performing a
vasectomy (a short and simple procedure). A vasectomy reversal, on the
other hand, is a technically challenging three-hour microsurgery using
microscopic sutures. It requires years of experience and a level of skill
that can only be perfected by micro surgeons who have dedicated their
practice to vasectomy reversals.

Your best chances for success will always be with a true full-time vasectomy
reversal specialist.
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2. Any doctor who claims he/she can perform a reversal will be able to
achieve the highest level of success as a true specialist.
This is FALSE

We know that in all technically challenging surgeries (requiring experience
and technically demanding skills), doctors who perform these procedures each
and every daily obtain better success rates with fewer problems than
surgeons who perform these procedures on an occasional basis. This is
especially true for microsurgical vasectomy reversals.

Just because the doctor says he can do something does not mean that he is
able to achieve the highest level of success (compared to a true
specialist). Knowing what to do simply does not mean you can do it. The
fact that a urologist has performed a few reversals in the past does not
mean that he/she is skilled or experienced in microsurgery.
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3. You should place more emphasis on convenience than results.
This is FALSE.

If you have a true top rated reasonably priced microsurgical specialist in
your community, then you are fortunate. Most patients do not.

It is important to think about your convenience vs. chances for success.
How convenient is your reversal if it does not work? Most people now
understand that it's worth the time and effort to seek out the best possible
microsurgeon for their vasectomy reversal. Travel is often necessary for
most to get the highest chances for success. At ICVR, most of our patients
are actually from throughout the US and around the world.
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4. Reversals cannot work because of anti-sperm antibodies.
This is FALSE.

Time and time again, we hear from "experts" that reversals just cannot work
because of anti-sperm antibodies. This is pure and simple hogwash.

It is normal for every man to develop anti-sperm antibodies at the time of
the vasectomy. But for the vast majority of men, these antibodies fade away
and are of no significance.

After the reversal, we rarely see evidence of anti-sperm antibodies. When
we do, we perform a simple sperm washing which almost always corrects any

Any doctor that tries to scare you by talking about the "antibodies problem"
is not up-to-date, misinformed, or trying to sell you something.
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5. All vasectomy reversal doctors are the same and offer similar success
This is FALSE.

As much as some doctors would like you to believe that they can offer you
the same success rates as ICVR can, this is simply not true. As in with
everything in life, some people do things better than others.

It is essential that you find the absolute best doctor you can, realizing
that surgeon you choose will probably make the difference as to whether or
not your reversal is a success. Sadly many referring doctors do not
understand this key concept. Many men assume that the doctor they were
referred to must be good at reversals. This is again just not true.
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6. You should choose your vasectomy reversal doctor because of price.
This is FALSE.

Simply put, one cannot put a price on a successful vasectomy reversal.

We know that in today's financial times, price is important. It is important
to understand there is almost no connection between price and success rates.

We know many couples pick their vasectomy reversal doctor based on a "cheap"
price, hoping to save a few dollars. We also see men that decide that an
expensive doctor must be better. The care that you will receive from the
extremes (very low discount cost and very high priced) is probably not as
good as from responsible, caring and qualified microsurgeons in the world.

Would you choose a heart, brain, or other surgeon because he is thousands of
dollars cheaper than the best doctors? Should you trust your testicles to
the cheapest doctor you can find? We think not.
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7. IVF is as cost effective as a vasectomy reversal.
This is FALSE.

Study after study confirms that the most cost effective way to get pregnant
after a vasectomy is with a correctly performed microsurgical vasectomy
reversal. In fact, some fertility experts are concerned that too many people
are being misdirected to IVF, at a much higher cost and a greater risk to
the patients, when a reversal makes more sense.
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8. Any doctor with an impressive website must be a skilled and competent
This is FALSE.

An impressive website will not give you a successful vasectomy reversal.
Websites are selling tools. Websites do not have technical skills or a
personal touch.

It is important not to believe everything written on a website or the
internet. The internet is filled with a tremendous amount of
misinformation, because there are no consequences for internet dishonesty.
In fact, experts report that as much as 40% of information on-line is false.
We even know of some doctors that have given themselves impressive awards
and titles from nonexistent organizations to make themselves "look" better
on-line. One doctor actually made up praise from pretend patients to make
him look more impressive.
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